Should I Sell a Home Empty or Staged?

When getting ready to sell a home, there’s a lot to think about, and unless you’re a certified realtor, you may be feeling lost.  Amid trying to decide where you’ll live next, what your asking price will be, or whether or not you’ll use a realtor, many people also wonder if they stage their home … Continued

Can I Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit?

You may be wondering if you can borrow a mortgage with bad credit. Homeownership is a goal for most Americans, but it can seem out of reach.  Your credit score can determine your interest rates, how much you can borrow, and if you can even take out a mortgage in the first place. Unfortunately, a … Continued

Having Tenant Issues? When to Evict

Owning a rental property can be an excellent investment to produce income; however, you’ll have to prepare for repairs and tenant issues. It’s important to prepare for potential issues with tenants so that you know when to evict if the situation arises.  Landlord duties are important, and if you want the rental arrangement to benefit … Continued

Selling a Home Without a Realtor

Selling a home is never easy, but for some people, it goes smoothly when they sell without a realtor. Before you decide to fly solo, however, keep in mind that this process can be challenging. Still, some people prefer this method to a traditional sale. Read on to learn about the advantages of selling your … Continued

Prevent Allergies and Illness by Improving Indoor Air Quality

Image via Pexels If your family is exposed to indoor air pollutants, they are at greater risk for developing asthma, emphysema, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, and other respiratory problems. When the air in your home is thick with pollutants, your lungs and heart have to work much harder than they should. This reduces the body’s energy … Continued

Is Selling A House Considered Income?

Is Selling A House Considered Income?

Are you worried about paying taxes on the sale of your house in Colorado Springs? Don’t worry; most home sellers don’t need to report this transaction to the IRS. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule.  In today’s blog, we’ll discuss which home sellers must report to the IRS.   The Two General … Continued

Low-Cost Ways To Sell Your Home Fast

Low-Cost Ways To Sell Your Home Fast

You’ve decided it’s time to start fresh in a new city, but before you can make your big move, you need to sell your house. The only thing stopping you from selling it is the associated costs.  Fortunately, selling your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Stay tuned to find out how you can … Continued

Can I Pay Off My Mortgage Faster

Can I Pay Off My Mortgage Faster?

A mortgage is a legal document you sign when you purchase or refinance a home, and it gives the lender the right to take your property if you neglect to repay it. Mortgages are a commitment, and they bind you to the responsibility of repaying your loan. Thinking about it can be stressful, but don’t … Continued

How Do I Get My House Ready To Sell in 30 Days

How Do I Get My House Ready To Sell in 30 Days?

No matter how you choose to sell your house, there’s always some level of preparation involved. After all, your house is probably your most expensive financial asset, so selling it mandates a detailed plan of action. Sellers spend at least seven months preparing for their sale before taking action, according to the Zillow Group Consumer … Continued